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(#32) Week / 星期,礼拜,周

There are 3 methods to say ‘a week’ in chinese.


星期 xing1 qi1 < used most frequently.

礼拜 li3 bai4 < used in slightly informal situation

zhou1 < used in slightly formal situation. Not that the word is formal, just that you seldom hear it in normal conversations, but more on the news, or in commercials.


To say one week, you add 一个 yi1 ge4 to the front of the word – 一个星期 yi1 ge4 xing1 qi1 and 一个礼拜 yi1 ge4 li3 bai4

But for 一周, you don’t add 个 ge4 to it. There is not much logic to it, you just have to remember 一周 yi1 zhou1 but as a very irresponsible teacher I’ll just say forget this term and stick to the 星期 xing1 qi1,  it will be sufficient to get you around.


To say Monday, Tuesday etc, you just need to be able to count up to 6. On sunday, instead of ‘7’, the word becomes 日 ri4 which previously you would see that it means ‘day’. But in this case, it means ‘sun’.

星期一,星期二, 星期三,星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日 xing1 qi1 ri4

礼拜一,礼拜二, 礼拜三,礼拜四, 礼拜五, 礼拜六, 礼拜 li3 bai4 ri4

周一,周二, 周三,周四, 周五, 周六, 周日 zhou1 ri4

(I won’t post all the hanyu pinyin because I’m sure you get it now. If you don’t, study a bit harder. 🙂 numbers are really simple in chinese, and really helpful. )