Hallo everyone~


After 30+ posts, I think I finally have some point to write this page.

I was inspired to start this website because I am currently studying korean, and there is a korean website that I go to everyday (well, almost everyday *chuckle*). That site is totally free, and I am touched by fellow internet community who are willing to share what they know.

At the same time, because I am studying korean with a native korean teacher, but english nor chinese is her native language (of course), so there are lots of time when I don’t understand her. This is why I grew to think that to teach one native language, you have to be firstly good at your teaching language.  (Don’t get me wrong, 선생님!아직사랑해요! (did i get that right?))


I don’t claim to be an expert, not at all. But I am both a native-english and a native-chinese because my country promotes english-chinese bilingual literacy, and I have been speaking both languages growing up. Where I am uncertain, I still check out the internet to do research before presenting my posts, so I am not an irresponsible blogger who is just airing my random okay. =)


If you have any questions regarding chinese, or mandarin, leave me comments. If you spot an error, leave a comment. If you have any suggestions on what I should cover, leave me a comment. If you are reading the whole blog, at each of the entries that you like, press ‘like’ to let me know. I review posts that doesn’t get much attention and avoid writing too much of that category, so if you like anything, press ‘like’..


By the way, just in case you do not know, the difference between chinese and mandarin is that chinese is the language when it is written-and-read, and mandarin is the spoken-and-heard counterpart.  

  1. hi, i’m from indonesia. the story about your is almost same as mine. i would like to ask a help from you. can you help me to translate a music?
    so i can help people to understand mandarin to. and share it around the world. kindly please contact me khenchiz@gmail.com

  2. Do you know the legendary singer Li Xianglan (1920 – 2014).
    She sang many famous Mandarin songs, such as Ye lai xiang, san nian, and he run jun zai lai.

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