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(^165) 你为什么说谎

Chinese lyrics and translation.
Lyrics are not translated word for word. They are translated by meanings.

你为什么说谎 – 丁当
Why Do You Lie – Della
ni wei shen me shuo huang – ding dang

这次我走开 再没有话要说出来
This time I am walking away, I’m not going to say anything else

我不想再期待走下去 还能多精彩
I don’t wish to harbour continuous anticipations on how much better things might get

I cannot comprehend how can you be so unaffected

Nor have a grasp on your stubbornness

可是我知道你 你为什么说谎
But I know why you lie

你说你还在 一分一秒也没走开
You claim you are still here all this while

我想留在这里 可是这一切已太晚
I want to stay on but I know it’s all too late

I cannot be like how I used to be in the past

Doing crazy things for our future

你不必解释 你为什么说谎
You don’t have to explain why do you lie

你不能说我没有爱过 说我没等过难过
You can’t be saying I hadn’t been loving you, hadn’t been waiting or hadn’t been sad

我也想说 也许能重来我却还是沉默
I wish to say that maybe we can start over but I ended up still remaining silent

You continue to ask if my heart is dull with you

Asking how do I not feel regretful to giving up our love

而我的泪 怎么就流下来
Why do my tears roll down my face