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(^161) 对的人错的时候

Chinese lyrics and translation.
Lyrics are not translated word for word. They are translated by meanings.

对的人错的时候 – 金池
The Right One At The Wrong Timing – Jin Chi
dui de ren zai cuo de shi hou – jin chi

若 你不爱我
If you do not love me

反复斟酌 不如解脱
Instead of dwelling on it, it’s better to seek release

好过 勉强执着
It beats being needlessly stubborn

心虚承诺 感觉更折磨
A half-hearted promise causes more suffering

The right one, at the wrong timing

Someone whom I can get to know, but not to retain by my side

Only after I knew you I began to feel

A good lover is not that hard to come by

The right one, at the wrong timing

There must be a reason why we met each other

Unless it must take a complete burning of our passion

才发现你我心里头 笑容和泪流
To be able to find out that in both our hearts, the laughter and the tears

足够 做我一辈子好朋友
Are sufficient, to be my best friends for eternity

说 弄巧成拙
Speak, and make things worse

别再辩驳 饶过耳朵
Stop explaining and spare my ears

顶多 陪我漂泊
At the most, accompany as I wander

自由快活 我们不失落
Free and we shall not be desolate any longer