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(^114) 妥协

Chinese lyrics and translation.
Lyrics are not translated word for word. They are translated by meanings.

妥协 – 蔡依林
Compromise – Jolin Tsai
tuo xie – cai yi lin

You love telling lies

I’m responsible for acting them out

所有改变 只为了进入你的世界
All these changes are simply for a chance to enter your world

这情节 重复了一百遍
We repeat these a hundred times

才发现 是你的心太野
Only to discover that this is all due to your wandering heart

You drew the line between us

I am not to attempt to break the rules

所有时间 都是先给了你优先权
I spend all my time giving you priority

不自觉 爱到不敢冒险
Unknowingly, I love with caution

Reduced to your puppet

一年两年 才看见我有多狼狈
I realized how pathetic I am only after a year or two

爱到妥协 到头来还是无解
Loving with compromise, but it still come back to nothing

绑着你 不让你飞
I tried bundling you and not giving your freedom

The history repeats

Tiring me out

爱到妥协 也无法将故事再重写
Loving with compromise, but we cannot retell our story

你已下最后通牒 我躲在我的世界
You laid out your last notice, I hid in my world

你只是 害怕一个人睡
You were simply afraid of sleeping alone

I am no going to cry for you any longer

我了解 不会变
I know nothing will change

不在徘徊 开始自己的明天
I’m no longer going to linger, but instead I am going to live my tomorrow for myself