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(^112) 不难

Chinese lyrics and translation.
Lyrics are not translated word for word. They are translated by meanings.

不难 – 徐佳莹
Not Difficult – Lala
bu nan – xu jia ying

我的东西 你早已经整理完
You had cleared out my stuff long ago

其实 宁愿你别 答应那麼快
Actually I wished you didn’t agree so readily

The party who raised the breakup

往往想 再努力看看
Usually wants to give it another try

谁真的能 一刀两断
Who is it that can really end this cleanly

我也清楚 这次不该再心软
I’m perfectly clear that I shouldn’t be weak-minded

对於 你的体贴 全然不责怪
I have no complaints against your thoughtfulness

反而羡慕起 有些人 分得不愉快
Quite the contrary I began to envy those who part on bad terms

才舍得 转身离开
Then it is easier to turn around and go

说再见 不难
It’s not difficult to bid farewell

就别问是谁 真心想说出来
Stop asking which one of us is trying to pour out our heart

像家人 像朋友 都只是欺瞒
Like family, or like a friend, these are just deceit

当初多喜欢 只是
However much we were in love

This is just a vicious cycle now

说抱歉 不难
It’s not difficult to apologize

跟我们 是否还相爱也无关
It has nothing to do with whether we are still in love

形式上 去结束 某一个阶段
We are simply putting an end to a phrase in life

淡去的记忆 将由谁保管
Who should be assigned to guard these fading memories

These are not optimistic at all

Time will always be a stronger opponent than romance

It’s not difficult at all to forget anything

想复原 不难
It’s not difficult to recover

等某天各自 出现下个牵绊
Till some day, both of us will be accompanied by our respective partners

关於你 很自然 会烟消云散
A lot about you will naturally dissipate

当初多喜欢 多纠缠
However in love we were, and how tangled we were

甚至 都想不起来
We won’t even be able to recall