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(^104) 吻得太逼真

Chinese lyrics and translation.
Lyrics are not translated word for word. They are translated by meanings.

吻得太逼真 – 张敬轩
A Convincing Kiss – Hins Cheung
wen de tai bi zhen – zhang jin xuan

Regardless how it is being told

I feel like a fraud

I’d been by your side for such a length of time

You constantly reminded me you are suffering

从前到现在 当我是谁
From then till now, who do you think I am

You are such a fickle butterfly

昨夜陪你醉 伤到我心碎
I drink with you every night, although it pained me

你竟说我 和你不配
How could you claim we are incompatible

完全忘记 往日为何
You had entirely forgotten how in the early days

能与我 彻夜缠绵
We could cuddle the night away

和你 吻吻吻吻吻 
A kiss~ with you

What a convincing kiss

I took your fraudulent kiss for real

怪自己 来不及区分
I can only blame myself for inability to distinguish the difference

你对我 是酷爱是敷衍
You are loving me or patronizing me

我想 问问问问问 
I want to ask~

How do I walk away from this

你却说 花花世界 不必当真
You dismissively told me its a world of illusions, don’t take it to heart

How scathing

让我爱上 薄情的红唇
To love these cruel lips

拿什么心肠 面对我的善良
What in your heart do you decide to treat me with such kindness

能不能想一想 你让我多伤
Would you at least consider the amount of pain you are causing me

你的爱就像 完美毒药
You love is exactly the perfect poison

对手断肠 你依然漂亮
Your opponent’s dead and you are still a ravishing beauty

I dare not recall the numerous nights we spent together

一转眼 热恋后 身受重伤
A turn of head, severely wounded after the passion

深渊万丈 你把 我的爱
Into the deep abyss you dumped my love
用尽后 丢弃荒野埋葬
Into the wilderness when you were done with it

你犯的罪状 没人知道
Your crime is unknown to people

用什么证明 你的亲吻 真的残忍
What can I used to prove that your kiss is a cruelty.