100 songs translation…already

It’s not a lot I know.

But I had a pact with myself that I wanted to translate lyrics of a 100 different artiste or group in the first leg of these lyrics translations, and somewhere through 3/4 I couldn’t recall enough songs to go on.

But I made it eventually, and there are still lots of artistes that I hadn’t got the chance to introduce in this blog, and I will, eventually.

But for now I am going to be translating songs regardless of whether I’d introduced the artiste before in this blog, so you might start seeing the same artiste over and over again.

Stefanie Sun is a Singaporean artiste with an unique voice and songs with lyrics so simple and pure that I often feel the simplicity will be lost in translation.

Jay Chow is a Taiwanese song-writer / actor / director rolled into one and he often pairs up with Vincent Fang who writes lyrics with deep influence from the chinese culture.

Soda Green is a Taiwanese group whose songs have a particular airy and breezy feel to it, and I’m often mesmerized by the voice of Qing Feng, the vocal lead, which has a female quality to it.

Tanya Chua is a Singaporean artiste whose songs often come crashing into my mind at the weirdest occasions.

Jacky Cheung is a Hong Kong artiste whose songs withstand decades and still sound good after all these years.

And so on, and so forth.
And so on, and so forth.
And so on, and so forth……

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