(#40) Happy / 开心,快乐

I had a good weekend and I was in a good mood, hence I thought I can introduce how to use different words and phrases to express happiness.

开心 kai1 xin1 happy, slightly more causal than the word below
快乐 kuai4 le4 just as commonly used, but this word is slightly more formal.

So I can easily say things like:
我很开心 wo3 hen3 kai1 xin1
我很快乐 wo3 hen3 kuai4 le4

If instead I want to say I’m in a good mood, there is no direct translation, but the nearest is 好心情 hao3 xin1 qing2 which directly means ‘good feeling’.

Sometimes if you see certain Taiwanese / chinese drama etc, there is another word that is often translated into ‘happiness’, and the word is 幸福 xing4 fu2. But if I want to be accurate, this Chinese word is closer to the meaning of ‘blissful’. It means the bliss in, for example, love.

But if you are feeling very ‘blessed’, you can say 我很幸福 wo3 hen3 xing4 fu2 instead of I’m happy, even if it fundamentally means a good feeling.

Are you feeling happy?

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