(#38) This, that / 这,那

I had used it often but had never introduced it formally, so in devoting this entry to it.

The two characters can be taught together because their usage is identical. We say 这 zhe4 for ‘this’ and 那 na4 for ‘that’.

The following are some examples of usage, you can populate it into other words yourself later on.

这个,那个 (个 ge4)this one, that one
这双,那双 (只 shuang1 )this pair, that pair
这里,那里 (里 li3 )this place/here, that place/there
这样,那样 (样 yang4 )this way/this method, that way/that method
这是,那是 (是 shi4 )this is, that is
这边,那边 (边 bian1 )this side, that side

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