(#33) Months / 月份

Since I had covered days of the week, I’ll make it complete by introducing the way to say the months. To say one month, you say 一个月 yi4 ge4 yue4, two months as 两个月 liang3 ge4 yue4, etc etc.

In this particular case, you cannot omit 个 ge4. Not that you should in any other cases, but because it is not a common grammar usage in english, I guess there is a chance you might leave it out in your usage.

But I was saying you shouldn’t omit 个 when you are saying months, because on its own, 一月 yi1 yue4 means January.

I think you can start smiling, because saying months in mandarin is really simple, you just take numbers, and add 月 yue4 to the back. By the way, 月 means the moon, just for your interest.

一月 = Jan
二月 = Feb
三月 = Mar
四月 = Apr
五月 = May
六月 = Jun
七月 = Jul
八月 = Aug
九月 = Sep
十月 = Oct
十一月 = Nov
十二月 = Dec

(As usual, I am not going to excessively go into repeating the numbers in hanyu pinyin. Have you guys memorised it already?)

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