(#27) Quantifiers / 些,点

A short post to end the day.

When we want to express ‘some’ in chinese, we can say 一些 yi4 xie1, or 一点 yi4 dian3. Both means some, or a bit, and in chinese we used it in a similar manner to how we use it in english, and both are basically interchangeable, but it is down to habit if one is selected over the other.


For example, 一些时间 yi4 xie1 shi2 jian1 and 一点时间 yi4 dian3 shi2 jian1 both means some time and a bit of time. You can also choose either 一些钱 yi4 xie1 qian2 or 一点钱 yi4 dian3 qian2 to express some money or a bit of money. To a certain extent, 一些 yi4 xie1 sounds like a bit more in quantity compared to 一点 yi4 dian3, but because as you know the concept of ‘some’ and ‘a bit’ are both quite intangible, so the difference is also quite intangible.


In either expression, if you to say ‘a little bit’, then you can say 一些些 yi4 xie1 xie1 and 一点点 yi4 dian3 dian3.


This post is pretty much a cheater post. =)
In the upcoming posts I am going to talk about numbers, counters, counting, etc, and when it becomes too difficult to ask for ‘a plate of rice’, ‘a glass of water’, ‘a bag of apple’, maybe you will get along fine with saying give me ‘some rice’, ”some water’, ‘some apples’. I learnt that from my korean teacher (yes I am learning korean now), so I think that is a really clever trick! =)

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