(#24) Where / 哪里

Since we have introduced 去 qu4 go,来 lai2 come,走 zou3 walk,接 jie1 fetch – which are some location-related verbs, let’s go through how to say ‘where’ in chinese.

In chinese, we say 哪里 na3 li3, and to use it,  哪里 na3 li3 goes to the back of the question.

你去了哪里ni3 qu4 le4 na3 li3? Where did you go?
你在哪里ni3 zai4 na3 li3? Where are you ?
手机放在哪里shou3 ji1 fang4 zai4 na3 li3? Where did you placed/put the mobile phone?


If we talk about ‘where’, I should mention ‘place’ too. ‘Place’ in chinese is 地方 di4 fang1. On the simplest level, it means ‘place’, so instead of asking :

你去了哪里ni3 qu4 le4 na3 li3? Where did you go?

you can also ask:

你去了什么地方? ni3 qu4 le4 shen3 me4 di4 fang1 ? What place did you go? (It means ‘where did you go’ too)
地方 lao3 di4 fang1. Direct translation: old place; Meaning: The usual place


New Vocabulary:

  • 手机 shou3 ji1 mobile phone
  • 放 fang4 placed/put
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