(#22) Past tense / 了

One great thing about learning chinese, is that there is no complicated past tenses to learn. As a matter of fact, it is so simple that I don’t even need to explain much.

To express a verb in past tense, you just need to add 了 le4. Sometimes in conversation we pronounce it as liao3 too, because it is a bit more colloquial, and it is cute sounding.

Ok, examples next.

zuo4 do        做 zuo4 le4 did
chi1 eat        吃 chi1 le4 ate
he1 drink      喝 he1 le4 drank
qu4 go          去 qu4 le4 went
mai3 buy      买 mai3 le4 bought
shuo1 say    说 shuo1 le4 said

I think it is extremely clear how to form past tenses in Chinese, I’ll take the chance to introduce some new vocabulary, why don’t you practice forming past tenses with them?

ting1 listen, hear
lai2 come
kan4 see, watch
zou3 walk (in certain contexts, go)
xiao4 smile
ku1 cry

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