(~2) Supplements – 请问

@ 1:17 Alin – 爱请问怎么走 (Alin – ai4 qing3 wen4 zen3 me4 zou3)

爱  请问怎么走 ai4 qing3 wen4 zen3 me4 zou3 How do I get to love.
我一个人 翻过山 越过海 wo3 yi4 ge4 ren2 fan2 guo4 san1 yue4 guo4 hai3 Alone, I overcome obstacles.
只为你对我好过 zhi3 wei4 ni3 dui4 wo3 hao3 guo4 Just because you were once good to me.
这份爱 前所未有 zhe4 fen4 ai4 qian2 suo2 wei4 you3 This love is unprecendented.

Special note: the lyrics “翻过山 越过海” in the second line is directly translated as “..crossed the mountains and crossed the oceans…” but it is just a metaphor.


@ 1:26 陶喆 – 孫子兵法 (David Tao – sun1 zi3 bing1 fa3)

以爱之名勒索 yi3 ai4 zi1 ming2 le4 suo2 Blackmailing in the name of love
什么都想囊括 shen3 me4 dou1 xiang3 nang2 kuo4 Desiring to envelope everything
爸爸的爸爸  请问为何 ba4 ba4 de4 ba4 ba4  qing3 wen4 wei4 he2 Father, can I ask why.
连我们你也掠夺 lian2 wo3 men2 ni3 ye3 lue4 duo2 You are looting, even us.

Special note: the lyrics “爸爸的爸爸” is literally “father’s father”, but again, it is a metaphor. It means the ruling kingdom in this song, when the ‘king’ is every man’s father. The fathers (in chinese families) have a lot of hierachical authority within his family, so imagine a father’s father.

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