(~1) Supplements – 谁

I thought of using mandarin songs lyrics to give more examples. Not expecting you to digest all these lyrics, but thought that it will be a bit more fun to learn alongside music.

@ 3:20 孙燕姿 – 我怀念的 (Stefanie Sun – wo3 huai2 nian4 de4)

爱的太自由 shui3 ai4 de4 tai4 zi4 you2 who was being too carefree in love
过头太远了 shui3 guo4 tou2 tai4 yuan3 le4 who had gone too far ahead
要走我的心 shui3 yao4 zou3 wo3 de4 xin1 who took my heart
忘了那就是承诺 shui3 wang4 le4 na4 jiu4 shi4 cheng2 nuo4 who had forgotten that means a promise
自顾自地走 shui3 zi4 gu4 zi4 de4 zou3 who walked on alone
忘了看着我 shui3 wang4 le4 kan4 zhe4 wo3 who had forgotten to look at me
让爱变沉重 shui3 rang4 ai4 bian4 chen3 zhong4 who made this love so despondent
忘了要给你温柔 shui3 wang4 le4 yao4 gei3 ni3 wen1 rou2 who had forgotten to be gentle with you

@ 1:29 动力火车 – 除了爱你还能爱谁 (Power Station – chu2 le4 ai4 ni3 hai2 neng2 ai4 shui2)

除了爱你还能爱 chu2 le4 ai4 ni3 hai2 neng2 ai4 shui2 Other than loving you, who else can I love
你留下的世界已支离破碎 ni3 liu2 xia4 de4 shi4 jie4 yi3 zhi1 li2 po4 sui4 The world you left behind is already shattered

@0:16 张惠妹 – 记得 (Amei – ji4 de2)

还记得是先说 shui2 hai2 ji4 de2 shi4 shui2 xian1 shuo1 Who could still recall someone had said
永远的爱我 yong3 yuan3 de4 ai4 wo3 To love me forever
以前的一句话是我们 yi3 qian2 de4 yi4 ju4 hua4 Every sentence we spoke of previously
以后的伤口 yi3 hou4 de4 shang1 kou3 Are our wounds subsequently

Please note that the lyrics translation may not be perfect, because individual chinese characters have meanings, and when they are used together in lyrics, sometimes the meaning becomes abstract and it is up to the listener to interprete. Therefore, you may realise the translated lyrics may not align perfectly to the words.

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