(#15) Do, Eat, Drink / 做,吃,喝

Let’s start learing some common verbs!
This post will be full of vocabulary, but don’t get distracted away from the main points, which are the verbs.

‘To do’ is 做 zuo4. It can also mean ‘to make’ in certain contexts.

zuo4 gong1 to work
我星期六得工。 wo3 xing1 qi2 liu4 dei2 zuo4 gong1. I have to work this saturday.

zuo4 meng4 to dream
我昨晚了个噩梦。wo3 zuo2 wan3 zuo4 le4 ge4 e4 meng4. I had a nightmare last night.

功课 zuo4 gong1 ke4 to homework
我忘记功课! wo3 wang4 ji4 zuo4 gong1 ke4! I forgot to do (implied: my) homework
To eat is 吃 chi1. Nuff said.

chi1 fan4 literally it means ‘eat rice’; but it generically means to have a meal.
饭了吗? ni3 chi1 fan4 le4 ma1? Have you eaten?

早餐 chi1 zao3 can1 literally it means ‘eat breakfast’, but it is just means to have breakfast.
我忘记早餐 wo3 wang4 ji4 chi1 zao3 can1. I forgot to eat breakfast.
To drink is 喝 he1.

he1 shui3 drink water
一天要八杯水 yi4 tian1 yao4 he1 ba1 bei2 shui3 should drink eight glasses of water a day

啤酒 he1 pi2 jiu3 drink beer

New Vocabulary:

  • 星期六 xing1 qi2 liu4 saturday
  • 昨晚 zuo2 wan3 last night
  • 噩梦 e4 meng4 nightmare
  • 忘记 wang4 ji4 forgot
  • 早餐 zao3 can1 breakfast
  • 一天 yi4 tian1 a day
  • 八杯水 ba1 bei1 shui3 eight glasses of water
  • 啤酒 pi2 jiu3 beer
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