(#14) Good night / 晚安

It started as one post to go through 早安 zao3 an1,午安 wu3 an1 and 晚安 wan3 an1, and it ended up as 4 separate posts.

I prefer to keep each post to take approximately 5 minutes to read, therefore I have to separate contents diligently.

I digress.

I was saying, good night in Chinese is used quite similarly to how it is used in English, where you are either saying it as the last sentence before you, or the other party, turn in to sleep, or two persons ended a night’s out and is going to part for the day.

In either way, saying 晚安 wan3 an1 or goodnight is like putting a nice, thoughtful full stop to end the day’s interaction.

To complete the lesson, let’s go through how to say ‘night’ in Chinese. 晚上 wan3 shang4 represents ‘night’, and as an individual character 晚 wan3 means night too. In future lessons you will see more examples of it being paired with other characters.


New Vocabulary:

  • wan3 night
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