(#13) Good evening / 傍晚好

Truthfully, I’d never said good evening in mandarin to anyone before. I thought hard and realised, like 早上好 zao3 shang4 hao3,中午好 zhong1 wu3 hao3,下午好 xia4 wu3 hao3,the similarly-formed 傍晚好 bang4 wan3 hao2 all has a degree of formality to it.

This is why they are more often used on semi-formal to formal television shows such as the news. But don’t worry, these words do exist, just that they don’t seem as ‘friendly’ as 早安 zao3 an1 午安 wu3 an1and the 晚安 wan3 an1.

傍晚 bang4 wan3 refers to the evening, and anything around 6pm and up to 7pm plus, is considered 傍晚 bang4 wan3.


New Vocabulary

  • 傍晚 bang4 wan3 evening
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