(#5) ‘Very’ / 很, 真的很

hen2 is a word you frequently hear in mandarin conversations. The meaning is ‘very’, but not quite there too. As a modifier, it probably adds another 50% to the meaning.

真的 zhen1 de4 again modify 很 hen, intensifying the meaning of the sentence. Hence used together, 真的很 zhen1 de4 hen3 is stronger in meaning compared to 很hen3.

真的 zhen1 de4 on it’s own means ‘really’, and the usage is like in English. However in English, you probably won’t say ‘I’m really very tired’, but instead you would say ‘I’m really tired’ or ‘I’m very tired’ to express more or less the same intensity of tiredness.

In Chinese, however, since both 真的 zhen1 de4 and 很 hen3 are not as intense, pairing them two together will bring across a stronger meaning.

我很累 wo3 hen3 lei4 I’m very tired (less intense)
我真的很累 wo3 zhen1 de4 hen3 lei4 (more intense)

她很可爱 ta1 hen3 ke3 ai4 She is very cute (less intense)
她真的很可爱 ta1 zhen1 de4 hen3 ke3 ai4 She is very cute (more intense)


New vocabulary:

  • hen3 very
  • 真的 zhen1 de4 really
  • lei4 tired
  • 可爱 ke3 ai4 cute
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