(#4) Am, are, is / 是

‘Am’, ‘is’, ‘are’, as well as the respective past tenses, are all represented by "是"(shi4) in Chinese.

我是 wo3 shi4 : I am
你是 ni3 shi4 : you are
他是 ta1 shi4: he is
他们是 ta1 men2 shi4: they are

In the same manner as you would in English, you can draw parallel when using 是 shi4. For example you can say

这是 zhe4 shi4: this is
那是na4 shi4: that is

On its own, 是 shi4 means something else too. But that’s for next time.

New Vocabulary

  • shi4 am, is, are (in this case; this character has other meaning)
  • zhe4 this
  • na4 that
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