(#3) How are you? I’m good. / 你好吗?我很好。

Let’s do an obligatory post on saying hi and replying when you are being said hi to.

你好吗?ni3 hao3 ma1? How are you?

我很好。 wo3 hen3 hao3. I’m good.


But let me break that down into individual characters. You should recognise ni3 你, which means you. “好” hao3 means good, and in this case, it means well. ” 吗” ma1 is a formal method to ask question, and this character – always paired with a question mark – is affixed at the end of the sentence.


Some other possible answers to the question:

不错 bu4 cuo4 : not bad

还好 hai2 hao3 : okay

不好 bu4 hao3 : not good

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